In KiwiSun Tanning salons you will find everything for a perfectly relaxing experience, a balance of body mind & soul. All our salons are built to the highest standards using only the best quality materials and latest equipment giving our clients comfort and satisfaction which is at the heart of our ethos.

In Kiwisun salons, you can enjoy the tanning benefits of KiwiSun green tanning tubes and KiwiSun Gold tanning tubes.

Our KiwiSun green tubes tanning machines are recommended for all skin types, except sensitive white skin, for a glowing Caribbean tan and a true spiritual replenishment. Find your inner balance in a soothing green light bath.

Kiwisun tanning beds do not contain any halogen facial tanners, but only so-called spaghetti tube tanners for the face, shoulders, décolletage and legs, which are gentler on the tanning process than halogen.

The Kiwisun Infrasolarium uses infrared rays to heat the skin’s surface before tanning, dilating the pores so that, in our experience, tanning is deep and long-lasting, resulting in an even fabulous complexion.

Tanning cosmetics that promote tanning and nourish and hydrate the skin with natural ingredients are available at KiwiSun salons.

KiwiSun offers a sophisticated design, pampering care for the eyes, the soul and all the senses, throughout the country and Europe.

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