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With a tan from our machines, not only can anyone feel beautiful and well-groomed, but by our clients’ own admission, they can also feel mentally recharged, which can have a positive effect on their overall well-being.

This is reported by our customers who use our tanning machines regularly. We also try to provide human values. A dedicated team, always enthusiastic and smiling, awaits our customers. The look and feel of the salons will enchant you. But what would all this be worth if we could not rely on the reliable quality guaranteed by our machines, which is the real premium "hardware" alongside the captivating "soft" factors.

Meet our fantastic wonder machines!

Kiwisun tanning beds do not contain any halogen facial tanners, but only so-called spaghetti tube tanners for the face, shoulders, décolletage and legs, which are gentler on the tanning process than halogen. The Kiwisun Infrasolarium uses infrared rays to heat the skin’s surface before tanning, dilating the pores so that, in our experience, tanning is deep and long-lasting, resulting in an even fabulous complexion.

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