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KIWISUN GREEN LANES OPENING PROMOTION: £9.90 - 60 minutes tanning pass!

To ensure you are sutiable to use tanning equipment you must take time to read and complete this card.

Medical Questionnaire:

If you answer YES to any of the above we ask that you consult your doctor before using the our sunbeds:

  • Before using a sunbed:

    Do not cunsume alcohol.

    Ensure you know the recommended exposure time for your skin type. Never exceed the limit.

    You should know the location of emergency stop button and how to switch the sunbed off.

    Remove facial and body cosmetics.

    Remove jewellery and contact lenses.

    Do not use outdoor sunscreens and lotions.

    Put on the protective eyewear provided.

  • While using a sunbed:

    Ensure you always wear the eye protection provided throughout your whole tanning session.

    Don't allow anyone else in the room while you are using the sunbed.

    If you notice any abnormal skin reactions during a tanning session, stop the exposure at once and seek advice.

  • After using a sunbed:

    Do not sunbath outside on the same day you use a sunbed.

    Allow at least 24 hours between each session.

    Take a four week break in between tanning courses.

    If at any time you notice lumps, sores or unusual moles on your skin, consult your doctor.

    European standard advises not to exceed 60 sessions per annum.

    To maintain a longer lasting tan always use a moisturiser.

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