Terms and Conditions

Kiwisun Ltd reserve the right to update and/or change prices and products on the web site at any time.

All information within the site is as accurate as possible, but could also be prone to error.

Although prices and descriptions could change over time and through this there could be errors.

All errors incurred shall be rectified immediately, once brought to our attention. We are not liable for any losses that may occur.

Refunds are only available for medical conditions upon receipt of a valid medical certificate.

All requests must be in writing or via e-mail to customerservice@kiwisun.co.uk

The transfer of sessions and courses between customers is not permitted.

Customer lotion storage facility is provided as a gesture of goodwill and we regret that we cannot be held responsible for any losses whatsoever.

Please note that Kiwisun Tanning Salon cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to clients’ property whilst on the premises.

Any changes to customers account must be report in writing or via e-mail to customerservice@kiwisun.co.uk

Tanning courses are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

All content withinwww.kiwisun.co.uk and www.kiwisun.london and its copyright are all owned by Kiwisun Ltd.

Content and validity of promotions could be different by individualy salons. The Kiwisun Ltd don't take any responsibility for content provided.

Nothing within the site may be copied and/or used without prior consent from us. Any unauthorized use of any of the above shall result in copyright infringement.

Kiwisun Limited Registered in England and Wales No. 08221952. Registered Office 270 Battersea Park Road London SW11 3BS

General Terms and Conditions

The online Season Ticket webshop available at http://onlinepass.kiwisun.co.uk is operated by KIWISUN Ltd. (hereinafter: “Service Provider”). These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “GTC”) contain the rights and obligations of Service Provider and User (hereinafter: “User”) using the services available at www.kiwisun.co.uk operated by Service Provider. The GTC refers to any legal transaction and service generated via www.kiwisun.co.uk.


Name: KIWISUN Ltd.

Registered seat of the company: 270 Battersea Park road, London SW11 3BS

Registration number: 8221952

E-mail address: customerservice@kiwisun.co.uk


2.1. Digital solarium season tickets are sold in the online season ticket webshop (hereinafter “Season Ticket”), which can be used for solarium services at each partner of Service Provider (hereinafter: “Service”) without using cash.

2.2 The Season Tickets are made only electronically - physical tickets are not produced. The Season Ticket is validated only electronically at the partners of Service Provider having a salon.


3.1 The Season Ticket may only be purchased online at the http://onlinepass.kiwisun.co.uk webshop available at www.kiwisun.co.uk. Orders placed via phone, fax, e-mail or regular mail are not valid. Service Provider sends information related to the purchase to Users electronically. When making a purchase at the website specified above, User declares that he/she has taken note of and accepted the content of the GTC and the privacy policy available at the website, and gives his/her approval to the data management included therein. By clicking on the “buy” button User makes an offer, to which a confirmation will be sent to User automatically within 24 hours from the date of the order to the e-mail address specified by User. The confirmation includes the name and value of the Season Ticket selected by User, the details provided by User and the salon selected on the website specified above, where User wishes to validate the Season Ticket. If the confirmation does not arrive to the e-mail address that complies with this GTC and is provided by User, User is relieved from the offer validity. User can modify the details before the purchase by recording the new details and overwriting the previous ones. Prices available at http://onlinepass.kiwisun.co.uk are listed in GBP excluding VAT.

3.2. Various types of Season Tickets are available. Information about the current categories and their detailed content is provided at http://onlinepass.kiwisun.co.uk for each salon separately.

3.3. Preliminary validation of the Season Ticket is required before the using the Service. The Season Ticket may be validated within 90 calendar days from the date of the purchase, by showing it at the selected salon. The Season Ticket may not be validated beyond that period. Depending on the type of the Season Ticket, User can use the Services within 365 days following validation. The period of using the Season Ticket may not be extended, a new Season Ticket needs to be purchased to use the Service again.

3.4. During the sales of the Season Tickets, Service Provider acts as an agent of its partners operating the salons, when buying a Season Ticket Customers enters into contractual relationship with the partner operating the selected saloon. Service Provider has no contractual obligation regarding the service to be provided for the Season Ticket, has no influence on it and does not take responsibility for the Services User uses by validating the Season Ticket to comply with the provisions of the legal regulations and the conditions stipulated in the agreement concluded between User and the partner of Service Provider. Therefore, Service Provider is not bound by any warranty or liability for defects or any other obligation regarding these Services. Once the units available at the Season Ticket have been used but upon expiry of period of use at the latest the contractual relationship between the User and the selected partner operating the salon is terminated.

3.5. User is entitled to buy the Season Ticket directly for a third person. The Season Ticket may not be transferred to a third person, only the persons recorded for the Season Ticket can use it.

3.6. User, or a third person validating the Season Ticket may use the machines in the selected salon on his/her own responsibility. Service Provider does not take responsibility for incidental health effects, mutations, allergy, pigmentation disorders, diseases etc. Furthermore, Service Provider does not take responsibility if the person who validates the Season Ticket uses the machines without keeping the applicable operation rules. User shall provide valid details about his/her health condition before purchasing the Season Ticket, in particular if any of the followings are true:

  • medical treatment or medicine increasing sensitivity to UV light;
  • heart disease or high blood pressure;
  • previous epileptic seizure;
  • pregnancy;
  • more than 50 moles or birth-marks on the body;
  • close relative diagnosed with skin cancer;
  • surgical operations within 6 weeks;
  • worsening health condition when exposed to sunlight;
  • childhood sunburn;
  • epilepsy;

In the above cases using the Service is subject to a written medical authorisation.

3.7. During the use of the machines it is recommended to wear special eye protection, and keep eyes closed. Jewels, contact lenses, make-up, perfume, using face and cosmetic products - except for the ones available at the selected salon - suntan-lotions and creams are not recommended during the use of the Service. In order to achieve long-lasting results, it is recommended to use moisturizing cream after using the Service.

It is not recommended to use the Service when alcohol is consumed, Service Provider excludes liability for any damage caused by the use of the Service in such condition.

If explicitly requested, Service Provider provides information about the duration of solarium use for the specified skin type; Service Provider assumes no liability if the recommendations are not followed, and the Service is used for a period longer and suggested.

We recommend to identify the turn-off button and the emergency button before starting the Service. In case of anomalous skin reaction, skin lesion or birth-marks it is recommended to stop the Service and consult a doctor.

It is recommended to use the Service independently, alone.

It is not recommended to sunbathe on the same day when the Service is used, there should be at least 24 hours between the two occasions and the Service should be used maximum 60 times per year. It is recommended to keep at least a 4-week break between sessions.

3.8 Purchase process:

Registration is required for the purchase of the Season Ticket, during which User has to provide his/her contact details, and the health information specified in clause 3.7. If User has made the registration at the first purchase, it is enough to log in for further purchases. Registration can be made at http://onlinepass.kiwisun.co.uk If User provides inaccurate, incorrect data or data that do not exists to Service Provider, or if his/her mailbox is full, Service Provider is not liable for any failure to perform the order or in case it is impossible to perform the order. User may modify the data after the data have been provided. Registration is finished once the data have been provided and the data handling policy have been accepted. Then Service Provider sends an automatic system e-mail to the e-mail address provided by User. The registration is approved, when user confirms his/her e-mail address by clicking on the link included in the e-mail. If User does not click on the approval link included in the system e-mail within 24 hours following receipt of the e-mail, the registration will be deleted. Registration does not constitute any purchase or other obligation. When entering the webshop User can check and freely amend the details provided during the registration process.

User can choose the appropriate Season Ticket by navigating in the webshop. No further tax (VAT) or fee is added to the price displayed in the webshop. Then User may check or upon request modify the selected Season Ticket.

Invoicing details need to be provided before the purchase then moving to the payment options automatically, the price of the Season Ticket can be paid via online bank card payment. During the purchase process, User can modify the details provided at each step before payment. Service Provider sends an automatic confirmation about the order and the delivery of the Season Ticket, and at the same time, informs User about the details of the order and delivery.

3.9. The price of the Season Tickets can be paid via online bank card payment: Before closing the order, the webshop navigates the User to a safe online bank card payment site, where payment can be made.


In case of a Season Ticket purchase, Service Provider sends an e-mail the e-mail address of User provided during the purchase. The Season Ticket may be validated within 90 calendar days from the date of the purchase, the Season Ticket may not be validated beyond this period. User can validate the Season Ticket by following the steps below:

  1. Choose the Season Ticket to be validated in your personal account.
  2. Show the bar code to the receptionist at the salon you selected.
  3. The receptionist will check your Season Ticket based on the bar code.
  4. In case of a real Season Ticket the Season Ticket is validated (cleared) by the receptionist, and the Season Ticket is valid for 365 calendar days from this date. The period of using the Season Ticket may not be extended, a new Season Ticket needs to be purchased to use the Service again.


5.1. User has the right of cancellation.

5.2. User may cancel the order within 14 (fourteen) calendar days following the purchase of the Season Ticket.

5.3. The declaration of cancellation may be sent to Service Provider’s e-mail address specified in clause 1., or possibly via regular mail to the registered address of Service Provider. It is enough to send the declaration of cancellation via e-mail or regular mail within the deadline set for cancellation, the right of cancellation is regarded as validated in both cases.

5.4. Service Provider will pay back the price of the Season Ticket not used within 15 days following receipt of the cancellation. In case User paid the price of the Season Ticket by bank card, the unused amount will be transferred to the bank account of the sender.

5.5 If User exercises his/her right of cancellation after the performance of the order has been started, User shall bear the reasonable costs of Service Provider.


6.1 The website www.kiwisun.co.uk and its content, or any detail of it is copyright-protected. Exclusively the owner of www.kiwisun.co.uk is entitled to exercise these rights. It is forbidden to use the whole content of the website or any part of in in any form or reproduce, transfer, distribute, adapt or store it without the prior written consent of the owner of www.kiwisun.co.uk. However, www.kiwisun.co.uk agrees that the content or extracts of the website may be stored on a computer or printed for the purpose of personal use.

6.2. The system of Service Provider may collect data about the activity of the Users, however these data may not be connected either with other user data provided during the registration process or with data generated when using other websites or services.

6.3. Service Provider is entitled to send newsletters or other advertisement to User, if User the gave his/her preliminary, unambiguous, explicit and voluntary consent by providing the appropriate data during the registration process. Service Provider is not obliged to check the validity and correctness of the data provided by User during the registration process or when the consent has been given.

6.4. Critical remarks or opinions about the Service reflect the viewpoints of Users in all cases, Service Provider assumes no responsibility for them. Service Provider reserves the right to delete opinions that offend public taste, Service Provider’s business interest or opinions that infringe the law.

6.5. The text of these general terms and conditions in force at the time of the purchase are applicable to User. These general terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy may be read and downloaded from www.kiwisun.co.uk without registration.

6.6 It is not considered a breach of the agreement if Service Provider fails to fulfil its obligations related to the provision of the Service for reasons going beyond its control or not attributable to Service Provider. Such cases, so called force majeure include war, civil rebellion, strike, riots, natural disasters, fire, explosion, disruption of energy supplies, interruption or outage or land line service, state of emergency or any other unavoidable situation. In case of force majeure Service Provider is relieved from its liability for non-performance or partial performance to such an extent and until such a period, during which force majeure considerably hinders performance or renders it impossible.

6.7 Service Provider is entitled to modify the offers, division and menu system unilaterally, however, such modifications may not affect performance of User’s orders already placed and confirmed.

6.8 Service Provider may amend the provisions of the GTC unilaterally at any time. Service Provider informs Users about the amendments by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by User, before the amendments enter into force. In order to use the website registered Users shall explicitly accept the amendments once they have entered into force.

Effective from: 1st of April 2017 until withdrawn or amended. The provisions are only applicable to agreements concluded after the date of entry into force.

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